Erik The Blade Sharpener

Professional Sharpening Services

Feel the difference with Erik “The Blade” Sharpener’s quick, affordable, and convenient sharpening services.

A Bit About Erik

I’m a second-generation knife sharpener who knows what sharp is. As your local knife sharpening expert, I’m here to eliminate all of your frustrations that come with using dull blades. It was once a widespread trade, and every household and professional knew precisely where to go to get their knives professionally sharpened. Unfortunately, the art of sharpening is dying, like so many of the skilled trades in the country, and professional sharpening has become a specialty. It’s rare for individuals to have access to a professional sharpener. People have gotten accustomed to using dull blades, and I’m trying to change that, one blade at a time.

After spending most of my life in the Atlanta, GA, area and more than 30 years sharpening the equipment of commercial customers to home chefs and everything in between, I decided to bring my skills to southern Colorado. For decades, I’ve helped celebrity chefs, caterers, home cooks, florists, barbers, and more perfect their skills by ensuring their equipment is of the highest quality. Now, I’m ready to help the community of Colorado’s Front Range experience the difference of working with sharp, high-quality knives and tools.

Services and Pricing

I also offer mobile sharpening services to individuals and businesses in the northern Colorado Springs area.

Knife Sharpening

From pocket knives to chef knives, I can sharpen your knives with precision, no matter how dull they may be. In an effort to make my services as accessible as possible, depending on the knife, prices start at $3 for one knife.

Scissors and Others

Whether you’re a hair dresser whose shears are dull or a tailor whose pinking shears are in desperate need of a professional sharpening, I have the proper equipment and education to sharpen all of your dull tools. Prices vary but begin at $6!

Repair Services

As a professional sharpener, I have the knowledge and tools to repair your knives, scissors, and blades. From broken scissor tips to knicked garden tools, I’ll restore your tools back to proper working condition. Plus, a simple knife repair is only $5!

How It Works

Knife Collection

I offer a variety of collection methods so you can get your knives to me as quickly as possible. I offer mail-in, drop-off, and pick-up collection methods. Don’t forget, you can drop off your knives to me at my booth at the Backyard Market!

Sharpening Services

With decades of experience, I can sharpen and repair your knives, scissors, and blades so they perform as they should. From surgical scissors to mulching mower blades, I have the skills and tools to sharpen all of your dull blades.

Deliver Your Knives

Once I’ve sharpened your knives to precision, I’ll deliver them to you. Whether that’s mailing them to you or having you pick them up at the farmers market, I’ll deliver your knives in whatever way is best for you and your schedule.


The best part about what I do is helping homemakers and professionals perfect their skills because they finally have the proper tools. So whether you’re a dad who is frustrated by not being able to cut his steak at dinner or a gardener whose lawnmower isn’t performing well, I can help you sharpen your blades and sharpen your skills!

Knife Sharpening FAQ

The price of a knife sharpening service depends on the type of knife, the number of knives that need sharpening, and whether or not it’s a drop-off service or if I need to pick up your knives.

It depends on how often you use your knives, but I recommend getting them professionally sharpened at least twice a year. Of course, if you’re a barber or professional chef who uses knives, scissors, and blades more frequently than others, you’ll most likely need more sharpening services throughout the year.

Not at all. Just stop by my booth when you arrive at the Backyard Farmers Market and by the time you’re ready to leave, you’ll have perfectly sharpened knives!

Yes, I have the equipment and skills to sharpen all of your knives, including a serrated knife.

Depending on the sharpening service I’m performing, I may use a honing steel, a heavy-duty sharpening machine, a whetstone, a belt sander, or a series of buffing wheels to finish and polish your blades.

If you have a chip, knick, or bend in your knife, I can repair it to be in tip-top shape.