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As a professional knife sharpener with decades of experience, I want to share my knowledge and resources to help you better understand the industry and expand your knowledge surrounding knife sharpening. Please explore the blogs below to learn more about everything from what a sharpening service consists of to the type of knives that can be professionally sharpened. Also, if you have any topics that you would like to learn more about, please let me know!

Drop-by and Mobile House Call appointments available. If you happen to have something that needs sharpening, I have availability for either a drop-by, sharpen while

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Pic of me sharpening at a market

News Article The following link is to a Gazette article about me and my services at the local Backyard Market in Black Forest.

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Where I'll be

Saturday I’ll be at the Backyard Market in Black Forest Spring Market from 10-3 on Saturday. Please bring all your dull blades to the market

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Don't throw them away, get them sharpened.

Addressing Blade Neglect Recently, Claire, a customer with the typical household array of knives and scissors, shared her frustration. It’s a familiar story: knives, scissors,

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Repair vs. Replace? This time of year, many homeowners getting ready for Thanksgiving and the holidays, in general, are asking this question. Are my knives

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Natalie’s story. Natalie is a mom of 4 in a typical suburban home with her hands full taking care of kids, home, and husband. She

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If you’re interested in sharpening your dull knives or repairing your damaged blades, then professional sharpening services are perfect for you! Using my professional-grade sharpening equipment and decades of experience, I can sharpen and repair even the rarest blades. In addition, I can sharpen any blade in your repertoire, from household scissors to anvil cutters. To invest in professional sharpening services, take the first step and fill out the form below!

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