Erik The Blade Sharpener


Welcome to my new website and blog. Erik “the Blade” Sharpener. Erik is who I am and sharpening is what I do. The website was created as a landing spot and for general information about me and what I do. There are several different social media accounts that will be updated regularly. My blog is for information and a learning center as well. In my 30 years of experience in sharpening there are certain constants that I’ve learned that help knives to maintain their cutting edges longer and enhance the user experience. Over time I will be covering many topics on the care and maintenance of various blades.

As a second generation sharpener who learned the trade back in the mid 80’s, I’ve learned the importance of taking care of my customers one blade at a time. I understand and know what sharp is. I can look at a blade and know its intended purpose and sharpen accordingly. A majority of my sharpening was part of the family business servicing restaurant and other commercial establishments in the Atlanta, GA area. It is in taking care of these commercial establishments that I have honed the craft of sharpening.

Knives are what most people associate with a sharpening service and yes it is the bulk of my experience. However, there are so many other different types of blades that I can sharpen and that is one of the purposes of the website and blog. In the Services & Prices page you’ll see some of the various items that I can sharpen. I try to accommodate as many blades as possible for my customers. In my time here in Colorado, vending at the BackYard Market in Black Forest since 2020, I’ve grown my menu of sharpening items to cater to the vast amount of blades my customers need to have sharpened.

I invite you to check around my website and the various social media accounts to learn about the services that I can provide for my customers in the northern Colorado Springs area. I cater to both residential and commercial customers and I have a variety of options in which my customers can choose from to get their blades to me. I’m mobile, I’m local, and only a phone call away to help end the frustration of dealing with dull blades.

Thanks for checking out my website and blog. It’s all new and I want to thank the great folks at Succeeding Small for crafting my website and giving me a great platform to share my knowledge of sharpening and my customers a place to find someone locally who can sharpen whatever blades they may have.

Erik “the Blade” Sharpener